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 Teamspeak PLus GUIDE!

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PostSubject: Teamspeak PLus GUIDE!   Teamspeak PLus GUIDE! Icon_minitimeSun Sep 30, 2007 4:30 pm

We now have a ts!

Right, his is for all those people that dont know how to use teamspeak

Step 1. Download from www.goteamspeak.com

Step 2. Install

Step 3. Right click on servers and go add server

Step 4. Call it USF

Step 5. On the bar to the right, under server adress input: spk001.screamspeak.com:10535

Step 6. Put a nickie for urself

Step 7. Tick anonymous

Step 8. If you find you cant talk, either plug in ur mic, or go to settings, Sound input/output and make a push to talk key.

Step 9. Ask Maj or anyone else who has an SA on the back of there name to register you.

Step 10. Click on self once you have been given the right to register and go register with server. yoiu will now have a big hearty R and a pat on the back for following my tutorial.

A Brief explanation of what the things next to peoples names mean -

U = Not much u can really do besides talk Smile

R = Registered. These people can make themselves channel commander and some other suff and thats about it

CA = These guys can edit the channel options and kick fomr the channel, just to name a few

SA = These guuys get EVERYTHING!

Rec = these guys are recording something, not sure what because ive never tried... Smile

If you really want to knwo the fine details, go to INFO and show permisions, this will explain it all!
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Teamspeak PLus GUIDE! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Teamspeak PLus GUIDE!   Teamspeak PLus GUIDE! Icon_minitimeMon Oct 01, 2007 11:43 am

Ok guys, i just wanted to add some stuff, me and Maj have been making some extra channels and stuff on TS2 for you all to use, you dont have to use the channels but its easier if everyone playing titan is in a titan channel, if your in a game by yourself u can go in any channel and you don't HAVE to use the channels its just easier that way, also can you guys make sure you dont just sit in the lounge? theres some discussion channels and lots of other gaming channels you can use, Admins there is also a special lounge for you, and Server Admins you also have your own private Channels wich only other Server Admins may access.

Also, it would be cool if we could get a bigger turn out on TS, theres usually someone on(im on nearly every day) it doesnt matter if your not playing games online or if your not playing games at all, i love to chat, so do alot of other people, so come chat!

If anyone would like to request a new TS channel then contact Maj or me, we're happy to help!

Dont go overboard with insults or swearing on the teamspeank channels, theres no need to swear every second word.

There are some rooms wich should not be accessed by anyone lower than Admin, if you find that you can access these channels please tell a Server Admin and we will adress this problem.
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Teamspeak PLus GUIDE!
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