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 Clan Rules

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PostSubject: Clan Rules   Clan Rules Icon_minitimeSat Sep 29, 2007 4:01 pm

Key: (W) Warning
(K&B) Kick and Ban from the clan
(WK&B) Warning or Kick and Ban (Depending on how bad your
offence was).

#1 Hacking: Straight Forward. None of it (K&B).
#2 Stat padding: Anything that increases your stats illegaly e.g. pistoling and healing (Including knife servers and arranged knife fights, unranked servers are ok) (WK&B)
#3 Server Rules: Whatever server you play on, you must follow ALL their rules.(WK&B)
#4 Abuse: No verbal abuse of VOIP, xfire or ingame chat(W).
#5 Exploiting: Using any bug in the game to you advantage, if you get in a wall somehow, walk straight out, if you dont (K&B).
#6 Tags: You may where the clan tag [>USF<] only once your recruitment has been accepted. Any other tags (including ones that change the font, size and colour of your name) expect to be (W).
#7 Pods: No pod spinning! Including roof camping. If you get onto a roof that requires a pod to get up there jump right off! (unless your exterminating the campers themselves in which case screenshot them first) (WK&B)

Easy Rules to follow, you break them and you know what the consequences are.

If you have read these rules when you do your application put a * where it says Read and Understand Rules:

yours truly

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Clan Rules
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