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 Mythical - Resignation

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Mythical - Resignation Empty
PostSubject: Mythical - Resignation   Mythical - Resignation Icon_minitimeMon Oct 15, 2007 12:30 pm

im deciding to resign from usf for the time being, im gonna try being clanless for awhile tho if i dont like it i might come back, part of the reason is im sick of being tagged by other clans as a pod spinner, a hack, a roofcamper or an aimbotter, a few nights ago i was on mental players and te mp clan even laughed at wearing usf tags, im happy to be classed as a noob for being a crap player but not for things i dont do. i hope u guys will let me stay on talking with you all on teamspeak and letting me post on the forums, all the best guys and i'll cyas on TS and in-game.

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Mythical - Resignation
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